Tuesday, July 26

Angry ... like an evil queen

I actually fessed up, on Facebook, that I was in an awful mood this afternoon. In fact, the reasoning behind it still is as irritating right now as it was six hours ago. The only difference at this moment is that it's this moment, and not six hours ago. Also, I've had a decent dinner and my kid's asleep, so I haven't been bugged by anyone with a heartbeat in an hour. My day, in GOOD and BAD:

GOOD! ... I've found a couple preschools to check out tomorrow. They both seem good enough, and the girls on the phone were incredibly nice and helpful. Also, they both have space for my baby girl, and they seem to be official preschools. ... I found the motivation to hit the gym this afternoon. ... I did some laundry.
BAD! ... The gym was closed today, and will be for another couple days, so my motivation was all for naught. ... We got our lease renewal, and the apartment complex wants an ungodly amount of money for an apartment we don't love and aren't comfortable in. "It's corporate" is an excuse I'm getting bored with. ... I did some laundry.

But really, there was so much more to my bad mood today than just that, but I'm too bored with it all to go into too much detail right now. Instead, I'll just get a good night's sleep, and hopefully, feel better in the morning.

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