Monday, June 13

Success, and then back home

ITEM!: So, we've been kinda busy, and I've been kinda tired. I went to bed at 10 p.m. last night, and was planning to do the same tonight, but then Brian and I decided to watch The King's Speech. It was a good movie. I had big expectations for it because it did so well at the Oscars, and because so many people liked it, and I'm glad to know that the hype wasn't too out of control. I don't buy Guy Pearce as older than Colin Firth though. It just didn't work for me. Still, the movie was good, and worth the time we spent watching it.
ITEM!: As for the trip to Houston, it was a productive and successful one. I didn't have a huge list of tasks on the agenda, but those things I did want to do, we did. We liked Sydney's school, and have put in our request for the teacher we preferred. We drove around the town plenty, and saw all kinds of neighborhoods. I think we may have decided on a spot or two to look for a house to rent.
ITEM!: So, on to planning our new home. I'll wait a few weeks before digging into the rental market, but it is something that needs to be started on. Also, moving estimates. And all the other stuff, too. Argh, this is going to get complicated soon!

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