Saturday, June 4

On to Atlantis!!

I've jumped into the deep end of the pool in regards to my emotional stability again: I registered for the opportunity to buy tickets for the launch of Atlantis in July.
Here, is my confirmation e-mail:
Thank you for registering for the opportunity to purchase launch viewing tickets for STS-135 space shuttle Atlantis. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has received your submission.
I realize that I'm playing fast and loose with my feelings again. I understand that I will probably be able to buy the tickets, but still not go to the launch itself. I know that I could possibly have the world stand on end for my own good, make it out to Florida, and then see the damn thing poop in my face again. But yet, the dream lives on!

p.s. This photo was taken from the 34th floor of the Vehicle Assembly Building as the Atlantis began making its way to the launch pad.

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