Sunday, June 5

MTV isn't for kids anymore

I feel like such an old woman right now!! I've been watching the 2011 MTV Movie Awards for the last 90 minutes, and I'm cringing. It's a train wreck, honestly. I can't look away. They are making so many inappropriate jokes up there on the stage! If the show was on, say, a predominantly adult-skewing demographic, than I'd be fine with it. But beings that this show is on MTV, which caters to the younger set, I'm feeling decidedly "MOM" about the oral sex humor in the introduction to the Best Male Performance award, as an example. (Also, the incredible amount of F-bombs dropped by everyone.) I really did top the cable, rewind it, and showed it to Brian. Sure, funny. But not at all appropriate for the teenagers and tweens that were, no doubt, watching the show. Granted, most wouldn't get it. But it's pretty clear that the people behind the dialogue at the awards show were under the impression that everyone watching the show is in their 20s.
OMG, MTV! A small child actually won an award!! Do you think anyone thought for a second, upon seeing this little girl walking up to the stage, that perhaps the show's content is a bit strong for a younger set? Argh. I'm in a snit.
MTV!! Start showing videos again!!

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