Wednesday, June 1

June: current month and Mom's middle name

ITEM!: This month's decidedly non-rugged, but set in a cowboy town, avatar is in honor of our trip to Houston next week. I've gotten pretty excited about this reconnaissance mission, and also am looking forward to seeing our dear friends. I hate that it's been more than two and a half years since I've seen Emily and Jon. That's just wrong. Anyway, behold the summertime Texas avatar. She's relaxed, but in the Old West. And seemingly, not too impressed that there is no Starbucks in sight.
ITEM!: Sydney, Brian and I went to the movies and saw Kung Fu Panda 2 this morning. It was pretty good! And Sydney enjoyed it, too, though she still tends to spend most of the time on my lap, which isn't a complaint, merely a statement of fact and observation.
ITEM!: I started and finished a book today. I enjoy how I feel accomplished, and that I can move another book from the to-be-read to the done-and-done pile, but I can't deny that I'm feeling sluggish and tired because I spent the entire afternoon on my ass on the sofa.
ITEM!: I need to buy this week's Entertainment Weekly at Target tomorrow. My husband, who collected the mail last weekend, has misplaced my subscription issue. I'd say that it's no big deal, but it is, and I want to read it, which means I've got to buy it. Argh, newsstands!
ITEM!: Brian and I have decided to replace our vacuum cleaner. It's not that the one I have has been over-used, or that it's dying from exertion or anything. It's that the thing is 10 years old, and gets used so randomly and infrequently, that it's dying from misuse and poor maintenance. I think the belt disintegrated last week. So, off to Target to get a new one. One without a bag system, perhaps.

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