Thursday, June 9

In Houston, watching basketball

So, we are in Houston!
We had a perfectly uneventful plane trip into town, except Brian did get molested by a TSA agent in Phoenix. The flight actually seems to have gone by much quicker than I thought it would, too. Which means I was either very relaxed, or I fell asleep. Or perhaps I just got caught up in the iPod and June issue of "Vanity Fair."
At any rate, we're in a nice little hotel in Houston, planning our day for tomorrow. First stop is Sydney's new school. Stop two: the big office outside of town. Then we head back to the new place where Brian's practice will be set up. Then, it's all about finding a new living-in neighborhood.
My goal, of course, isn't to actually find a house, but to find neighborhoods that we'd like to live in. Anything we look at tomorrow probably won't be available for rental in August, so it's all about neighborhoods and the basic environment. I'm more freaked out about this then I seem to be on the page right now, you know. Internet shopping for a home for my family is not my ideal method. It worked out okay when we moved back to Tempe years ago, so I'll hope that my luck continues to hold true in this instance, as well.
And here, I shall right it: "y'all."

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