Sunday, June 19

Happy Father's Day to me!

For a Father's Day, it was a pretty good day for me:
We got to sleep in! I woke up a couple times during the night, but I actually didn't get up until 9:30 a.m. THAT was awesome.
Green tea brought to me at home! Brian enjoyed his coffee, but when he's gone for a while, he always feels guilty about it, and brings me a tea to make his life easier as he walks in the door. He's smart, because it does.
Lunch at Oregano's! Well, not really at Oregano's, but we had Oregano's food for lunch at home. Golf took precedence over lunch, so Sydney and I picked up the lunch to-go. Yummy, Italian sausage sandwich, garlic bread, waffle fries! All good!
Wandering the mall! Sydney and I bought Brian a Swedish massage for Father's Day, so while he was massaged, Sydney and I had nothing to do but wander around the mall for 90 minutes. Disney Store, pet store, play area, Coach store, Pottery Barn Kids, and Nordstrom.
Target and a second Starbucks! Sometimes, there's nothing better than cruising through the aisles of Target with no list, no purpose and no money. Also, two green teas today.
Leftovers for dinner! Oregano's is just as good for three additional meals.
Green Lantern at the drive-in! If going to the drive-in is a great idea, then going to the drive-in on a Sunday is a better one! There was hardly anyone there, and we didn't have any delays due to the traffic on the street outside. On the downside, Sydney made the movie a bit of a trial, as she didn't fall asleep until making me take her to the bathroom halfway into the flick.
Also, Cars bandages! When you accidentally slice of a bit of your finger while cutting garlic bread, it's a good idea to have a Cars bandage around. They make everything heal faster.

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