Sunday, June 5

Drive-ins = fantastic

So, we tried the drive-in thing again. If you'll remember, Brian and I attempted a drive-in movie experience with our kid a couple years ago. It went so well that it took us more than two years before we attempted it again. My incredibly antsyness tonight led me to suggesting that we attempt the drive-in again. Brian agreed, and Sydney didn't put up a fight. We chose X-Men: First Class as our guinea pig movie.
We arrived early, which ended up being a really good idea, settled into our spot, turned off all our lights (but not the car for the air conditioner), and got ready for our movie. Sydney did okay with the iPad for a while, but got bored. She did fine with her car seat for a while, but then didn't want to sit in it. She was quiet enough, until she got bored, and then she wouldn't stop talking. All this before the previews, of course.
In an effort to get the kiddo to relax, I let her sit on my lap to watch the movie. She got all cuddled in with Bear, and promptly fell asleep. It was awesome!! I waited for about 45 minutes, and then moved her to the back seat again, where she continued to sleep away the remaining hour of the movie, and sleep through the drive home. Brian carried her upstairs, and she promptly fell back to sleep in her bed.
A movie on a Saturday night??!! Why, yes, thank you!

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