Tuesday, May 17

Wax off ... the ballroom floor

We've got a lot going on over the next few weeks. I won't tell you right now, because that wouldn't be as much fun as spreading it out over the blog through that time frame.
But actually, tomorrow is the party for Sydney's class. Last year, the party was at the railroad park. This year, it's at a fancy resort in town, where the organizers have rented four cabanas in the pool area. The venue has food and drink that can be ordered off the menu. The pool has a beach entrance. The cabanas have sofas. The drinks may have alcohol. It should be pretty fantastic. I'm eager to tell you about it tomorrow.
Though tonight, all I can say is that I'm glad Ralph Macchio was asked to leave Dancing with the Stars. I got a distinctly whiny feeling from him.He bugged me. That may be blasphemy, since my generation is all about The Karate Kid, but I just wasn't down with Macchio as a competitor on my favorite ridiculous television show. His partner, Karina, is always good, and she put forth a valiant effort. But Macchio just didn't do it for me.

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