Monday, May 9

So now what?

The launch has been rescheduled for next Monday, the 16th of May, at 8:56 a.m. And on the surface, it seems like it should be feasible for me to make my way to this launch. I've got the time to do it, and in awesome husbandness, Brian has agreed to go with me.
I had a great plan for us: fly into Orlando on Sunday; get to the Astronaut Hall of Fame as early as they need us there on Monday morning and then sleep in the car; WATCH THE LAUNCH; spend the rest of the day together; sleep the night in Florida; and then fly back to Phoenix on Tuesday.
All this sounds great. But you want to know what's pissing me off? Airlines. If the flights aren't sold out, they won't land in Orlando until Monday morning, after the launch time. And with the one or two different combinations of flights, the price tag sits at $1,300. That, in addition to the income we'd lose by Brian not working for those two days, makes the endeavor (no pun intended) way more expensive than we can handle right now.
It feels like maybe, at this point, karma is keeping me away from the launch. I mean, let's look at this pessimistically: it was a seemingly perfect event on April 19. It was seemingly perfect on April 29, when everything else around us worked out perfectly. And now, when everything seems to be working out and even Brian is able to go with me, the airlines are screwing the situation. It's just starting to feel a little too forced. Could it be that I'm trying too hard?
I struggle with how much I should push this .... this .... agenda. Obsession.

My Dancing with the Stars voting (5 votes allowed):
Kirstie Alley ~ 2 votes. I love her, but she's a bit of a hot mess. I'd love to see Maks win, but it won't be with Kirstie, which is too bad. Still, I give her my vote love because I like to see them together.
Hines Ward ~ 2 votes. I am loving Hines Ward in a very real way. He's a great dancer, and his personality is fantastic. I find myself hoping a ton that he wins this contest.
Chelsea Kane ~ 1 vote. She's so pretty.
Romeo, Ralph Macchio ~ 0 votes.

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