Friday, May 13

"Routine maintenance" never hurt so much

Blogger was down last night. That was weird. Not that I had anything incredibly pressing to post about, nor do I usually, but it just struck me as a random censorship. Suddenly, I had no way of making my voice heard, and it pained me in the heart. Who knows what I would have written about, but the site being down was as heartbreaking as someone taking my own written words and burning them before me.
Oh-em-gee, could I get any more dramatic about it? I fancy myself quite the martyred poet in that bit of text, huh? Awesome!

Brian and I have planned our trip to Houston next month. We're going to tour Sydney's new school, the new practice location, and the potential neighborhoods for us to live in. I'm incredibly excited to spend some time there, and figure out how our life will be in the new town.
In other good news, one of Sydney's teachers is coming tomorrow morning to babysit Sydney while Brian and I go to the movies. Once again, happily and FINALLY, I get a Saturday morning movie and lunch with my hubby. I have no idea how long it's been since we've had, what used to be our very regular, Saturday morning ritual, but it is a long time coming. And we shall see Thor.

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