Sunday, May 22

Arizona's pretty, when it's not too hot

Okay, so I haven't been busy these last few days, but we did have a lovely weekend at the lake with Lisa, Brad and Katy. I'm gonna bullet point it for you, because that might be fun for me.
~ There's nothing that gets your blood pumping more than a crazy, 10-mile-per-hour-limit, windy, up and down, dirt road that goes on for miles. Add to those adjectives that the road also is traveled by big, fat trucks pulling boats, and the whole thing gets hairier.
~ While scary roads get your blood pumping, icy, freezing cold water, tends to shut down your system and make you swim quicker to get your butt back on the boat!
~ I need a better system for keeping things cool on our next trip. My family doesn't survive well without enough milk and other snack foods. Also, maybe a bigger cooler, but that's a silly expense since what we've got is perfect for every other purpose.
~ I still refuse to learn to water ski, and I'm just as okay with it as I was when I was 12 years old. I prefer to ski on frozen water, as well as to movie under my own propulsion. But then again, that inner tube was pretty fun. Sydney thought so, too.
~ There can be a good chicken salad made with sour cream and mustard. I never would have thought that to be the case, but there is. And I'm excited for the recipe so I can make some myself.
~ If you can't have a weekend without your kid, having one with plenty of other people around to help keep eyes on the kid is just as good.
~ Don't bother washing the car before driving along those dirty roads.
~ Having done this once, now I'll be a better packer for next time.
~ Scorpions glow bright green when shined on by a black light. It's pretty awesome to see.
~ A cat can catch a lizard as big as its head.
~ Sunscreen actually can help prevent sunburns, especially when you apply it.

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