Monday, May 30

Movies for the week

I have so much stuff to watch this week, it's crazy. And my plan is to watch it all by Friday. I've got three movies: Fair Game, Black Swan and The King's Speech. Brian picked up Arrested Development, Season 1 at Best Buy today, and I'm actually really excited to watch that, too. This plan shouldn't be too difficult to cover, as there is no television at all worth watching for the next couple weeks. My concern comes from my tendency to love watching HBO, and Brian's tendency to fall asleep on the sofa after Sydney goes to bed. But I feel a need to follow through, so, my plan is a solid one.
Tuesday: The King's Speech
Wednesday: Black Swan
Thursday: Fair Game
Friday, and into the weekend: Arrested Development
And the punishment is, that if they aren't all watched by Friday, they all get sent back. I actually do want to see all three of those movies, so I'm confident.

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