Sunday, May 15

Launch tomorrow morning!

So, the weirdest thing happened to me yesterday. For all of you whose e-mail addresses are in my address book know, my Yahoo! account was hacked and a bunch of spam e-mails were sent out to everyone in my contacts list. I discovered this after Brian and I finished watching our movie Saturday morning. Brian checked his e-mail as the end credits rolled, and said to me, "Why did you send me this?" I was actually pretty defensive about it until we looked at the time the e-mail was sent, 11:24 a.m. (while we were watching the movie), and at the content of the e-mail, which was a link for some kind of help with erectile dysfunction or something. Our minds went directly to the reasoning that I had been hacked -- well and hard.
I checked my sent mail and discovered that, yes, about 16 e-mails had been sent to at least eight or nine people in my address book. Each with its own special subject line and link within the text, and each with horrifying things about having sex last night, promoting that it lasted for hours, fishing for help with the dysfunction and so on and so forth. It was a most distracting incident to happen on a Saturday morning, especially when my day had so far been pretty fantastic: we got a fabulous babysitter for the morning, and we'd seen a really good movie, Thor.
So, according to my go-to computer genius, Josh, all I could do was change my password, and report the incident to Yahoo!. The password was changed as soon as I got home, but as for reporting the incident, there's no place to do that. I was concerned about my e-mail address though, and having to change it because of this. Josh told me I wouldn't have to, but I've been seriously considering changing it. I've been over the cuteness of it for a while now, as well as the constant spelling of it, and feeling kind of cheesy when I do so. Honestly, the only thing I loved about my current e-mail address was the password. And now, having changed that, the whole address means a bit less to me. It was a derivative of Ginger's name, and it made me happy to type it. I'm going to see what I can come up with for a new address in the next couple days.

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