Wednesday, May 11

It's a solar flare ... around its waist

Every time I tell myself that I'm going to start losing some weight and eating better, I create these grand plans and make these grand announcements. I realized tonight that I very rarely turn it into a "take one day at a time" kind of motivation.
I just spent the last hour with my Weight Watchers point book and finder slide, and have a nice listing of stuff that I actually eat, and their point worth. The easiest portion of the WW, is that a plain hamburger, just meat and bun, is only six points. (I'll reveal my own weight by saying only that I'm working on the 22-points-a-day plan.) You know, I can eat a plain hamburger every single day for lunch, and be happy with that. My breakfast drink is only four points. And two scrambled eggs are five points. The Skinny Cow fudge bars that are, incidentally, delicious, are only one point. And eight ounces of V8 juice is 1 point. A cup of chocolate milk, which will substitute for any treat cravings late at night, is only three points.
These are food choices that I can happily live with. The tacos, cereal with milk, small bean burritos, and even Starbucks green tea make my new WW agenda an easier one. Also, I intend to go one day at a time with my avoidance of sugary sweet treats. Those are my incredible downfall, and I know that once they're no longer in my equation, this whole thing will be easier.
But again, this is no grand announcement for which I feel an overwhelming sense of obligation. It's a minimally evasive diet change that shouldn't mess up my world too badly. And that, my friends, is what should make it easier to handle, and more likely to succeed.

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