Monday, May 23

Eagerly waiting for "Fast SIX"

I do enjoy going to the movies by myself. This morning, while Sydney was at school, I took to the theater, and caught an early-morning show of Fast Five. I treated myself to some popcorn and a bottle of water, and sat back to enjoy two hours of cheesy summer movie (my favorite kind).
I was one of only three people in the theater, which means I got my perfect seat: in the middle of the row, front of the section. What I found weird was that, alone in a theater, I was a bit intimidated to laugh at any of the few giggly parts. So, I smiled to myself, and thought about how awesome it will be to watch this movie in my own home when I buy the DVD (because I will).
Also, oh my god, Dwayne Johnson is a hulking, hulking guy. We watched his movie, Faster, last night, and Brian and I discussed that he's just too big to be real. And having seen how much larger he is than Vin Diesel, not just height, which he is by about six inches, but by shear muscle size, is amazing. It's kind of awesome, but also kind of scary. He's really, really big.

My Dancing with the Stars voting (5 votes allowed):
Kirstie Alley ~ 3 votes. Now, I know that the last time this show was won by popularity, I got super mad. But this season, even though I love Hines Ward and think he should win, I'd still rather see Kirstie take home the trophy. And Maks, of course. I must see him win.
Hines Ward ~ 2 votes. And because I couldn't just not vote for him, Hines got two-fifths of my voting power. He's just so happy.
Chelsea Kane ~ 0 votes. Sorry. I mean, she's really cute and everything, but I just want to see the other two win.

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