Sunday, February 6

Super Bowl Sunday evening post

Since I didn't give much of a care who won the Super Bowl today, I kept up what Brian called a "stream of consciousness" on Facebook regarding the commercials. My favorites: NFL's fan's are awesome, VW beetle with the racing stripe, and Darth Vader and the VW. Clearly, Volkswagen got their mney's worth when it came to their advertising agency. Failures include Coke (dragons? Really?), (as usual), and Best Buy (please, no more Bieber). As it was, I watched the game kinda halfheartedly, though I had hoped that Green Bay would pull out the win. I'm glad for the outcome, even if it wasn't the Patriots winning the big game.
Also, I officially have another cold. Man, I am so over this. I was so fatigued today that I didn't spend much time off the sofa, except to change Sydney's movie, television show or food choice. (I was, actually, quite a bad mom today. Everything I did was about keeping her busy in the other room. Today sucked for everyone.) Sydney still has her cold, too, so the chilling out was good for both of us. Still, I'm tired of being in my house, and am looking forward to our day tomorrow.
It's uncharacteristic of us to be stuck on one television channel for an entire day. Once Glee was over, I was all, "Hello, remote control, my old friend. What? There are other channels? What, of all things good, are on them?"

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