Tuesday, February 15

Stealth cupcake ... or not

I had a pretty good and productive day. But first, I must tell you that I got busted trying to sneak a cupcake this afternoon by my mother, who I think has some weird kind of telepathy, who called right at the moment after I had diced up the cake and was ready to dig into it. Let's better this by admitting that I also was hiding in my room, and had avoided all three of my kids seeing the treat so I wouldn't have to share. There's something not right in my head sometimes when it comes to sugary goodness. It's a sickness. Honestly. But that's neither here nor there. The point is that I enjoyed the cupcake with less guilt about it since at least Mom knew that I was eating it. She said she could picture me hiding under a blanket eating it. Not a blanket, literally, but a blanket of subterfuge, definitely.

Other productive things I did today:
Worked out at the gym. Took the kid to the dinosaur museum. Pulled weeds and cut back plants in front yard. Watered backyard. Posted ads for sale on CraigsList. Vacuumed. Put away Valentine's Day decorations. Packed up additional holiday decorations. Made dinner. (YES, you read that last one correctly.) Watched and enjoyed Glee. Getting to bed before 11:30 p.m.

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