Thursday, February 17


I've got issues today. I hate having issues.
First, my "cold" has settled into half of my nose, and apparently, is completely happy with setting up camp for the indefinite future. At this point though, I think I've got a sinus infection or something. What I've got going on is more than just cold runnings. It's more complex (and gross, and thick) than all that, and I'm thinking I may need some kind of antibiotic.
Second, my kid got on my last nerve today. I know that being the mom means doing for the kid all day and everything, but my goodness, I got so tired of being ordered around by a four-year-old today. As if wiping her butt every time she goes potty isn't enough, being at the beck and call of a child just got to be too much for me. Are pink pants really a reason for tears? Is a bath really call for pouting, and angrily splashing around? So, maybe it was her being so FOUR today, or maybe I just had a really short fuse, but I took the initiative of being the mom, and put Sydney to bed about 85 minutes early. I'll be paying for it tomorrow morning when she's wide awake at 6 a.m., but tonight, it feels just fine.
Third, I didn't get a single box packed, nor did I get the taxes done. Tomorrow.
Fourth, only one of my CraigsList items have sold. It was though, the Ab Circle Pro, and I did get $100 for it, so I'm happy about that. I just wish the others would sell. How come no one wants my lawn mowers or the crib? I'll wait a couple weeks, of course, and see what happens.
Fifth, I know this whole post sounds pathetic and whiny, and issue-laden. That is all.

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