Sunday, February 20

Like a storm cloud of traffic

Well, it's been a weekend!
Friday night we drove down to Brian's home town to spend a couple days with his parents. We got back a few hours ago, but not without some last-minute changes to plans, an unexpected visit, and some rain. We hopped on the freeway with minimal problems, but once we got through Tucson, the freeway slammed shut with traffic, with the ridiculously under-inflated statement, "Road Closed." This, on the 10 freeway. So, we got off the road as soon as we could, and called Brian's sister, who lives in Tucson. If she wanted company, we would be at her place in 20 minutes. Happily, Lisa and Brad said, sure, so we made our way to their house for a visit to wait out the traffic. It turned out to be a lovely, perfectly lovely, visit, and we got home a couple ours later than we originally thought, but happier than had we made the trip straight through.
So now, I'm back home. I've got a boatload of laundry to do, as well as the unpacking from the weekend. Oh yeah, and I've got to get some more packing done. Also, for the first time in a few years, I'll be cleaning a bathroom. Sydney's bathroom is looking pretty grimy tonight, so taking care of it is on my list for tomorrow. Yes, I will employ a toilet brush as well as other instruments of cleanliness.
I think I may have found a new magazine to subscribe to, also. Real Simple. Anyone else read that? I flipped through Brian's mom's latest issue this weekend and decided that it was worth my time and brain power. So, that'll happen once we get to Houston.

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