Tuesday, February 1

It's all iPhone now, baby!!

I canceled our land line this afternoon. It'll still be working tonight when I call Mom, but as of tomorrow, the land line is gone. I love a good land line, but once it's gone, and even after breaking the bundle, we'll save about $50 a month. My long distance averaged about $35 per month, and the phone service itself cost about $33 a month. I've been incredibly stubborn about the land line. In fact, I prefer it to talking on my cell phone. There's something a bit more concrete about talking through wires instead of via satellites and towers. It makes a more tangible connection, I think. I've refused, for the longest time, to do away with my land line, but with the new crunch in our finances, and the fact that we'll be a mobile household for the next six months, I decided to cave to Brian's insistence, and ditch the non-smart phones.
But really, I'm weirdly giddy about this. One less thing to deal with, and another step closer to my more relaxed and stripped-down existence before we settle in Houston. I'm excited to take down the phones tomorrow! It's weird!!

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