Sunday, February 13

I'm tired of hearing "Need You Now"

I'm tired, and want to go to bed, so I'll just catch you up on my "Goals for my weekend," and let you know how I did.
1.) Success. Four boxes in the kitchen: done, done, done and done.
2.) Failure. We did watch most of The Sunset Limited on HBO on Saturday night, but that was it for me for movies this weekend.
3.) Failure ... technically. The toys are still a mess, but we did cut back the plants and clean up our grassy knoll. So, backyard success regardless.
4.) Failure. We're all still blowing our noses, and Sydney even sounded snottier this morning. Brian's kicking it though, so by Wednesday (at the latest), it should really be gone.
5.) Success. Though really, I remember why I don't care for the Grammys all that much. The performances were okay, but some of the music had me scratching my head, and some of the performers had us fast forwarding. Still, I can be a part of the Grammys conversation tomorrow.
6.) Failure. I didn't even pick up the Vanity Fair magazines.
7.) Success. I still have only one pending e-mail in my inbox.
So, let's do a count. Success: 3. Failure: 4. Close, and I would, under normal circumstances, call the weekend a failure because of that, but really, I got quite a bit done and I'm feeling good about that. So, weekend: SUCCESS.
Next weekend's list of being composed though, as I type this.

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