Monday, February 14

I love cupcakes, especially on Valentine's Day

I'm usually not a big fan of Sprinkles, the cupcake place. But I think that yesterday may have changed my mind toward the store. Brian and Sydney visited yesterday and brought home a lovely assortment of cupcakes for our eating pleasure. We've only dug into three of them so far -- dark, dark chocolate; chocolate, chocolate chip with raspberry frosting; and chocolate, marshmallow-filled -- and so far, they've been winners. I'm not going to tiptoe around the facts, people. My favorite was the chocolate and raspberry, and I finished the group cupcake yesterday afternoon. Guess what I had for breakfast, after my workout, this morning. Yep, the other chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting. And it was delicious. I told Brian, who mocked me for having what should be a sad, single, and fat girl's Valentine breakfast. I celebrate my Valentine breakfast. And all the brownies I had this afternoon. It's been a good day.
I feel as though my point has gotten lost here. The point is that I now am a fan of Sprinkles. Good stuff.

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