Monday, February 21

I did pack three boxes though...

I'm having that kind of day again where I can't get warm. I'm sitting here in Cozy Chair, with my jeans and shoes on, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt, with the hood up. And still, my nose feels cold. I refuse to turn on the heater because I know that I'm the only one in the house suffering. Brian and Sydney, blessed with their metabolisms, are chillin' in single layers, and comfortable with it. The inequality of that is beyond frustrating, but oh well. Still, I'm looking forward to being snuggly warm in bed in the next 30 minutes or so.
But first, I'm watching Hawaii 5-O. This show is pretty awesome. I like the activity on it. It's quick and loose. I mean, it's certainly gory at times, and I'm still kinda surprised they showed that severed head a few weeks ago, but really, it's a fun cop show. I used to be able to wait until Tuesday afternoons to watch the Monday night show. But lately, I've been watching it Monday nights after Chuck and Castle. It's too good to wait on. Also, the two main characters, partners in the special police unit of "5-O," have the most fantastically sarcastic, man-crush, bromance on television. They're like the best kind of cop partners. They make the show so much better.
Also, no, I did not clean the bathroom today.

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