Wednesday, February 23

I am Belle! I AM!!

I have a new profile picture for Facebook, and I kind of love it. It's not a picture of me, technically, but it is certainly more me than any other cartoon character in a Starbucks. (Note that I cropped the Facebook picture to include only Belle.) But I love, love, love this image. It's a fantastic thing to imagine that Belle and Ariel would be chilling in a Starbucks, drinking their coffees, and chatting about their respective husbands (i.e., Beast and Prince Eric, respectively).
I've always felt that Belle and I were kindred spirits, you know, one and the same: we love to read books, enjoy staying home with the parents, totally dance along with household utensils and a candlestick, fell in love with a beast, and can rock a blue ribbon and ponytail. (Obvious differences tend toward Belle's benefits, including: good singing voice, can wear a yellow dress without looking pale and drawn, and no frizz issues with said ponytail.) So, when I saw this image of Belle, my cartoon doppelganger, enjoying a Starbucks drink, I knew that I had to have it as my profile picture, and to post it up here on the blog.

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