Friday, February 11

Goals for my weekend

1.) Start packing the kitchen stuff. I usually don't sweat the kitchen, but for some reason, I've been avoiding it. I've done a lot in the office, did a bit in my bedroom today, and started on the living room. But the kitchen remains an untouched entity. Until this weekend. I shall start with the Christmas dishes and serving platters. For obvious reasons, Sydney's room will be the last to be packed.
2.) Movie trifecta. Actually, I'm already one-third of the way there. Brian and I just watched Takers, which was okay. Not great, not bad. Just okay. The other two movies in the house: Piranha and Shrek Ever After.
3.) Clean up the backyard toys. Sydney's been going crazy dirty destructive with the stuff out there lately, and it's been cold, so I haven't made any effort to curtail her activities. This weekend though, I'm going to have to pry the sidewalk chalk out of the hammer holes on the playhouse.
4.) Finish kicking this cold out of the house. I'm still blowing my nose, though not as often. Sydney finished up her last dose of antibiotics today, and coughed only two or three times that I heard. Currently, Brian is the sick person in the home. Let's get him healthy and get the rest of this bug gone, shall we?
5.) Watch the Grammys. I've not watched the Grammys in a few years. I don't know why I'm into it this year, but I am. I'm intrigued about the performances. I want to see the hot mess.
6.) Read my two issues of Vanity Fair. I've got the Johnny Depp issue from December, and the March issue about Hollywood. I skipped the Justin Bieber issue in January. But I do need to catch up on some reading.
7.) I only have one pending e-mail in my inbox. This isn't a goal, it's a fact, and I'm bragging about it. It's been a long time since I had such a short list in the inbox. In fact, cleaning out the e-mail inbox was a New Year's resolution. A little late perhaps, but done.

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