Wednesday, February 16

"Garage" is just a six-letter word

Oh-em-gee, you all, Brian and I took care of the garage today. Honestly, the sexiest thing he's said to me in a while was this morning's, "We should pack the garage today." "WE." Really, he said, "WE." Loving that man right now, especially since he followed through on his statement, and worked in the garage all morning with me, and into the afternoon. We are down boxes, and I've got a very full recycling bin on my curb and a half-full trash bin in my garage. Also, I made a mammoth donation drop at Goodwill. I've got maybe two or three more boxes to pack in there, and then, officially, the garage is d-o-n-e. I was afraid of the garage, you know. I had been avoiding it, and every time I went in to get the car, or drove in to park the car, I'd just look around and fear the enormity of the task ahead of me. Tackling it with Brian was awesome, as we got to laugh at stuff, reminisce about stuff, cry over stuff (actually, that was just me), and throw stuff away. And now, the garage is a tamed task, and I'm ready to move on to the next place.

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