Saturday, February 5

A cupcake a day, makes ....

a cold go away?? Wouldn't that be nice!!

I told myself that I would have this post, and all my computer dicking around, done by 11 p.m. As it is 10:58 p.m. as I begin this, I realize that the time frame will not suffice. Oh well. I'll do this quickly, and then get to bed. Because, drum roll, please, Sydney's gotten me sick ... again. I love my kid, and the fact that she loves me too, but my goodness, there has got to be a way to tell a little kid that they simply can't be nose-to-nose with you all the time when they're sick. And all the times she sneaks a drink out of my water. Or how many times I get coughed on. Ugh. So, here I am, breathing out of my mouth, having just taken a couple NyQuil. One day, I think we'll all be healthy again. It wasn't today, and it probably won't be tomorrow either.
We did get a pretty major task done today though. We have secured our apartment for the three months or so we'll need it between leaving the house here and moving to Houston. We'll have plenty of space, for a two bedroom (master and loft) place, and a balcony for the doggies. Also, they have storage units for rent in the garage, so we'll be able to store a bunch of stuff while we're there. Unfortunately, the storage spaces don't go as big as we had hoped, but we think that we may be able to take two on moving day, if we need. At any rate, the apartment is nailed down, and I'm feeling more relaxed because of that. Now, it's time to pack.
I pulled all our boxes down from the shelving yesterday and distributed them throughout the house. They're all still labeled for the room and contents, too. This could be awesome or frustrating though. You all know how crazy I can be about this kind of thing. "But this box says it should have small appliances! I have more than what fits in here! WHERE IS THE BOX FOR THE OTHER SMALL APPLIANCES?"

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