Saturday, February 26

Bake your cake and eat it, too

It's cool how, when you know you're moving, you start digging into the pantry a bit more, emptying it before moving the contents. I have decided that this process, for me, will include all the cake mixes. I've got a lemon bar mix, as well as crumb cake, gingerbread, and Devil's Food. I envision that I will be baking a new kind of cakey treat every week until we move. Tomorrow's dessert, in honor of the Oscars, will be the crumb cake. I read through the instructions today, and I have to say, they are quite elaborate for a cake mix. Not that I'm intimidated. Indeed, far from it. If anyone can master a cake mix, it's me. No, I was just struck with the six or seven steps it's going to take to get the crumb cake made, as well as the 45-minute baking time. Dollops of baking mix here, drops of crumb mix there, swirling hither, mixing thither. It's all very complicated. But I imagine it will be quite delightful.
I made my second sale on Craig's List today: the push mower, for $20. Not wonderful, but considering that I could have not sold it, and just donated it for no money at all, I'm okay with the $20. But another one of my big-ticket items is going to a buyer tomorrow morning. I got an e-mail regarding the electric mower, for $100. The guy seemed okay with the price tag, which he should because it's about half of what you could get any other electric mower, and is eager to make the purchase. Happy day, peeps, my Craig's List sojourn is going extremely well!
Also, my list is progressing.

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