Sunday, February 27

And the Oscar goes to .... ME!

I love me some Oscars!! Katy came over to watch the awards show with us, and we had a lovely time chatting about dresses, and the people that wear them and/or stand next to them. Scores on the ballots: Brian, 6; Katy, 11; and me, the awesome one, 13. You see, I have to gloat about winning because on the off chance that I lose to my husband, I get more shit about it then you can imagine. Because even though he doesn't really care, he does get competitive with the Oscar ballots.
Shotgun reactions to tonight's ceremony:
~ Did not love James Franco as a host, and thought Anne Hathaway was almost too perky. She was game for everything, and has a surprisingly good voice, but even all that couldn't take away from the fact that Franco looked too stoned and out of it to participate much. I loved her shoes with the tuxedo. And the blue dress.
~ Thoroughly enjoyed Melissa Leo dropping "f*ck" in her acceptance speech. It loosened everything and everyone up a whole lot.
~ Can't believe that it's been a year since the whole Sandra Bullock/Jesse James thing. Cheers to her for ditching the douche.
~ Dug Kirk Douglas (for being a ham), Reese Witherspoon (for her ponytail), Halle Berry (for the dress), Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law (for the camaraderie), Hugh Jackman (for rolling with everyone picking on him), Colin Firth (for having a sense of humor), Natalie Portman (for the purple dress with NO BIG ROSE ON IT), Alec Baldwin (for being in the opening) ... more to come tomorrow, I'm sure
~ Didn't dig Christian Bale's beard, Melissa Leo's dress, all the flesh-colored and muted fabrics ... and more to come tomorrow.
~ I wish I'd seen more of the movies, but really, I feel like I got through the whole thing okay.

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