Monday, February 7

And let the boxes BEGIN!!

So, I think, as a fun random, anal-retentive activity for me, I shall keep a running tally of the boxes I've packed each day for the move. I'm feeling good about our little life today, even if my kid does have viral bronchitis. I turned in the lease applications for our new apartment today, and they went through the credit process with flying colors. So, our new house is guaranteed for late March.
And with that, I got antsy for the move.
Boxes packed today: 3; Total boxes packed: 3.
I enjoy the packing process. Yes, perhaps this could be considered somewhat bizarre, but I see every move as a chance to start anew. Every packing is a reason to get leaner and meaner with our possessions (though we always end up with more stuff after each house). And every new place is a new adventure. And because we've moved so often, I have a method to my moving. It begins with my sittin' outs, and the bookcases. Today, I packed up my curio cabinet. (By the way, I am fully aware that a lot of this won't make any sense to you, but it makes me feel better to list the stuff I've done for the day.) I also packed up the cubbies in the living room, which includes the stereo with a cassette player in it, and all the Wii accessories.

Editor's note: For every blog post that is almost exclusively about the move, I shall post a picture of a pretty flower, because flowers are always a nicer to see than boxes.

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