Wednesday, February 2

Also, my nose is a little stuffed up :(

It's time to start really digging into the move. I read through my first Houston book tonight, highlighter in hand, and now feel like I have an idea of how much there is to do there, and how-ish to get to it all. I do need to figure out the city's MetroRail though, as it sounds like the best way to get around town sometimes. To entertain, the town's aquarium, zoo and natural science museum sound pretty awesome, and I think Sydney will really enjoy those attractions.
Also, Emily and her friends came through with a couple preschool recommendations, and I think I may really like one of them. Emily is going to check it out for me next week, if schedules allow.
Also, it looks like the practice may be ready for us in June, instead of later in the summer. This works out better, of course, since I've got a bunch of plans July through the end of August. But especially because the sooner we get out there, the sooner we stop spinning our wheels here.
Also, I managed to survive my first day without a land line, and I think it went pretty well. My cell phone is close to running out of juice right now, but once I'm done chatting with Mom, it'll get all plugged in and have a nice night's sleep.
Ugh. As I write this, I hear my kiddo coughing in her bedroom. This cough is pretty brutal for her, and she's getting really frustrated with it. She actually cried to me last night because she didn't think it will ever leave. I got the same conversation, minus the tears, this afternoon. "This cough won't go away forever." I hate it. I'd take that cough from her and live with it ten times worse if I could just so she'd feel better. And it has the sounds of a cough that'll linger, too. Damn.
Also, I think I need to cut back on my hot chocolate. The extra calories that are settling somewhere in the general area of my ass are beginning to piss me off. Back to the hot tea!!

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