Thursday, February 10

100 things ... and counting down

So, I've got this weird, restless feeling today. I'm bored looking at my stuff, and I want to get it all packed up.
Tired of making the bed? Box up all the decorative pillows.
Done with all the accessories in the kitchen? Box 'em up.
I never really realize just how much random s-t-u-f-f I have hanging around my house until I get to that point in my head when I see all the stuff around me as just stuff. It serves no real purpose, except to be pretty, or fashionable, or perfectly fill the space. I look around and all I see is what can be boxed up for the next five months. It's pretty liberating, but also kinda annoying. Annoying, of course, because it means that I've spent all kinds of money on stuff that isn't necessary.
It reminds me of the 100 things article a few months back about the couple who pared down all their belongings to 100 things per person. I bet I can get Brian and I down to 100 things for the next couple months (not including Sydney's stuff, of course).
OMG, you guys. I think I may have found the right kind of personal challenge for the next couple months. This could be awesome.

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