Friday, February 25

10 things for the weekend ... perhaps

I feel like today was one of those days when I should have just stayed home. But between Daisy chewing on a dead bird this morning (and me having to forcefully pry it out of her mouth), and the fact that we actually did do some good things away from the house, I'm somewhat pleased that we did exit the domicile for a few hours here and there.
Goals for the weekend, which begins tomorrow, because I'm too tired to consider Friday night as part of the weekend:
1.) Swim school make-up class at 9 a.m. Saturday morning. I have to mention this, because I know for sure that I may forget about it, and I don't want to forget. So, I keep reminding myself every chance I get.
2.) Pack three boxes. I have my eye on three boxes that can be packed this weekend: one each in the kitchen, bathroom and office. Also, the backyard box and a box or two in the garage and one in the living room, but these are optional.
3.) Clean up Sydney's backyard toys. Once again, this lands on the list.
4.) Pick some weeds, pull out a tree, and try to clean up the backyard a bit more. So, gloves and a couple hours spent outside one day, probably tomorrow. Should be a good time.
5.) Grocery store. This will be done with Brian tomorrow, though he doesn't know it yet. He has to come with me, otherwise I get all kinds of static about how I only buy food for Sydney.
6.) Watch the Oscars, as best I can, with minimal interruptions. I'm excited that Katy will be watching the show with us!
7.) Get to bed at a decent time, tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night. Decent time = 11 p.m. or before. Tonight, already, I'm cutting it close, as my clock already reads 10:26 p.m.
8.) Clean my bathroom. Ugh. I hate that one.
9.) Do my nails. This light purple was working for me, but I'm feeling a bit darker now.
10.) Fail to get all of these things done. I might as well make this one of my goals, so then I won't feel bad about not meeting all my goals!

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