Tuesday, April 13

No pain, no getting stronger!

I spent a good 90 minutes at the gym today getting my ass kicked by a trainer, and it felt fantastic! It's been so long since I've had someone standing over me, being all tough and insensitive to my pain, telling me that I can do another three lifts/lunges/crunches and all that. My legs are, I won't sugarcoat it, in a bit of discomfort right now. Tomorrow, it will be much worse, and I know that. I do not look forward to having to get up and down off chairs, the potty, the car's seat, etc., as it will make me wince, and I'll have to grab supportive things (including Sydney) to get up. But I know the pain and discomfort that goes into starting a new workout routine, and I'm excited about it.
Also, I got told how bad my diet is, which I know, but on the up side, I also was told how to make some changes that wouldn't be too painful to my taste buds and yen for food I like. Key words: whole wheat bagels.
Dancing with the Stars update: Aiden Turner was the "star" asked to leave the ballroom this evening. You see? My non-votes are working!! Still, I can not fathom why Kate Gosselin is still on this show and in this competition. It's like her fans are more interested in making her look awful on the dance floor, and torturing Tony, than seeing some better dancers get a chance at winning. But, more on that next week!

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