Thursday, April 15

Hey there!

I was actually surprised at myself that I didn't blog at all last night. And I sat for a few minutes trying to remember what I did last night that kept me from blogging, and I can't remember. But that is neither here nor there. Let's roll with some happy-faced bullet points, shall we?
:) ... My legs are still super sore, and I still need assistance to get up and down from the seated and squatting positions. I say thank goodness that the shower wall has a convenient handhold right at the best level next to the potty in my bathroom. Here I am, two days later, and I'm still needing to take a breath and exhale when I stand from the sofa, Cozy Chair or potty.
:) ... Even with that, I went to the gym this morning, spent some time on the treadmill, and did the workout for my back and biceps. It is my best intention to go back tomorrow for triceps, chest and shoulders, but I think that, with my list of to-dos for tomorrow, I'll pass on the gym.
:) ... Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for JJ's birthday celebration/girls' weekend in Palm Springs. There will be nine of us girls sharing a three-bedroom house, with a pool. I haven't been on a girls' trip in a very long time. And it'll be the first weekend with Brian completely in charge of Sydney's care, too. A fun time for everyone!!

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