Monday, April 12

Here's to a better existence! YAY GYM!!

By mutual agreement, I decided to take a look into life with a personal trainer at the gym. And I'm very excited to say that the financial investment was approved to become part of our monthly budget. (From where, I'm not sure.) To get the best deal monthly, I need to sign up for a 12-month commitment. No worries. I'm not going anywhere for at least that amount of time. And, I'm so excited to get going on this! Tomorrow morning, I've got my initial consultation with the trainer supervisor, who will kick my ass, take my measurements (ACK!!), and discuss my goals for the trainer. From there, he'll suggest which trainer would be the best to help me meet my goals. And after that, I get started on a year-long quest to get my energy level up to compare with my daughter's, weigh what my driver's license says I do, shrink my pant size to better accentuate my ASS, and generally, just feel better about myself. Honestly, I am so excited right now, I can hardly sit still! I can't WAIT for tomorrow!! YAY!!

My Dancing with the Stars voting (9 votes allowed):
Evan Lysacek ~ 2 votes. Olympic gold medalist = awesome dancer. I've decided I'd like to see him win.
Erin Andrews ~ 2 votes. She is awesome because she is with Maks, and because if the romance rumors are true, that would be awesome, too.
Chad Ochocinco ~ 2 votes. Is it possible to eat a ton of McDonald's and still be fantastic? I think so.
Nicole Scherzinger ~ 1 vote. I think she got brutalized by the judges. They need to back up off her.
Niecy Nash ~ 1 vote. I totally love her!
Pamela Anderson ~ 1 vote. She is a hot mess, and her eye makeup is the stuff of legends. I can't wait to see what she does, or they do, next week.
Kate Gosselin, Aiden Turner, Jake Pavelka ~ 0 votes. I have no love for the bottom three. There's not a single thing that I am liking about any of them. That sounds harsh, but it's not meant to be. I'm just looking forward to them not being on the show anymore. The show always gets better when the dead weight is gone! :)

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