Sunday, April 4

Gotta love that Easter candy!

Hey, I'm sorry I missed posting to the blog last night ... .... ... as I was too busy playing with my new IPAD!!! YAY me and Brian!! So awesome! We decided at 5 p.m. yesterday to wander down to our local Apple store and see if there were any iPads to take a look at. We had agreed that if the store was too crazy, we wouldn't even bother stopping. But, as if the fates were aligned, the store was decently full but not bursting, with breathing room. The parking structure had plenty of good spots available. There were several, several iPads to try out, and I only had to wait about five minutes to get to one. And when Brian and I had finished perusing the device, and had decided to buy one, the store had plenty, in the size that I wanted. YAY!! I've got it all set up with my iTunes account, so am able to buy my apps. The one big difference with this machine is that, like the laptop, the iPad will be off limits to Sydney. Even though the operation of the machine is very similar, and I know she'd be able to get around on it fine, I'm just not comfortable with a toddler walking around with it, you know? Anyway, I've got all my address book information installed, the calendar is up to date, and I think I like the apps and their activities so far. I'll be spending more time with it over the next several days and weeks, of course, so will soon have it ready to go and indispensable.

I let Sydney have full access to her Easter basket most of the day today. This became an obvious problem about 1 p.m. this afternoon, when she got so wired, hyper and crazy with the chocolate caffeine coursing through her system, that she couldn't sit still, stop talking, or carry on a single cohesive thought for more than a milli-second. I finally moved the basket to higher ground about 4 p.m., but that was too late, for she had, at that point, discovered the solid chocolate eggs and eaten every one of them ... except for the caramel-filled egg, which she spit into my hand after she chewed it and let it melt in her mouth for about three minutes. (By the way, yuck!) I felt awful watching her try to deal with the hyper-activity while I tried to calm her. What's worse is that I knew that this was entirely my fault. The kid has never had so much chocolate in a single time frame, and she clearly was unable to handle it. Right up until she got into bed, she was moving non-stop: running from room to room, grabbing this toy and that, dancing and skipping in front of the television, and singing at the top of her voice. I swear, I thought her little body was just going to pop from all the movement and seemingly pent-up energy running rampant through her veins. It was pretty bad, and I felt like the worst mom ever. So, having dealt with this today, I have a plan of attack for the next several years: less candy, more toys and presents in the basket.

You know what's weird? That I could sit here, rested and calm in my chair, feel an earthquake, acknowledge in my head and my instincts that it is indeed an earthquake, but then talk myself out of that knowledge because, after all, I'm in Arizona, and we don't have earthquakes here. But then, I hop online shortly thereafter, and discover that yes, there was an earthquake, centered in Baja California, that was felt all the way out here in Phoenix. That I ignored my instincts bugs me. Brian was in the shower, and as he put it, "I've never felt one before anyway, so if the room wasn't really swaying, I wouldn't know what it was." Obviously, the same holds true for Sydney. But me, I knew what it was when I felt it. Not that anything big happened. There was hardly a sway in the house, and I trust that if it was more movement, I'd have jumped up and planted myself and Sydney firmly in a door jamb. But my disinclination to believe myself is galling. Random thing I learned today: I need to not ignore what my instincts are screaming just because I'm in the desert.

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