Monday, April 19

Girl weekends rock!

Stuff I learned about myself during my first girls' weekend in several years.
~~ I can no longer go out drinking two nights in a row. Friday night, no problem. Saturday night, stone-sober designated driver.
~~ While my second night was cut short, consumption-wise, I am still able to hold my own with the regular party girls. Shot for shot, and drink for drink, I was there. And still made sense on Facebook all night!
~~ I can still be the bitch when necessary. Hey, drunk guy, do NOT rub up on my friends, and then get in my personal space because you think you may get to ride in the car and come home with us. BACK OFF ME!
~~ In the middle of the club, when I got a voice mail telling me that my baby was suddenly throwing up, I would have jumped in the car and driven home that instant if I really needed to. Mommy instincts will trump club music every time. (She's fine! And much better since her mommy got home!)
~~ My feet don't handle the dancing shoes as well as they used to. By 12:30 a.m., my dogs were barking! Hmmm.... maybe I just need new dancing shoes!!
~~ Moms always talk about their kids. It's what we do. Get three or four moms sitting around the pool, drinking cocktails even, and they will end up discussing potty training, feeding finicky children, and the cost of school. We may have spent the weekend away from the kids, but they were a constant source of conversation.
~~ There is little better than a 90-minute breakfast on a Starbucks patio, discussing the crazy night before with the girls that were there, laughing at all the events again.
~~ Nine women can completely clean up a house in ten minutes. Next time though, a hotel.
~~ Solitary road trips are fantastic, but it's nice having company on the road, too. Thanks, Mommy!

My Dancing with the Stars voting (8 votes allowed):
Evan Lysacek ~ 2 votes. Okay, Lysacek is my winner for this competition. He's getting the most of my vote love from now on, and I'm totally hoping that the Olympic boost will benefit him.
Erin Andrews ~ 2 votes. She's not a great dancer, but I am thoroughly enjoying her sparring with Maks, and this is worth a lot to me.
Chad Ochocinco ~ 1 vote. I'm over the "showmance" involving Cheryl and Ochocinco. It's so old. It's making me not like him as much.
Niecy Nash ~ 1 vote. She's awesome. I hope she makes it to the Top 4.
Pamela Anderson ~ 1 vote. Finally, her hair is washed and brushed. And she's dressed.
Nicole Scherzinger ~ 1 vote. When Brian asked me who "that girl" is, I told him she's one of the Pussycat Dolls. He said, "A ringer? Really?" I agree, and for that, minimal vote love. When it comes down to the heavy voting, she won't get any.
Jake Pavelka, Kate Gosselin ~ 0 votes. Holy crap, this Jake Pavelka guy is BUGGING me. And whoever, in reality or dream, told him he looked like Tom Cruise was either on crack, in bed with him, wanted him to be their Bachelor, or was looking for a free flight somewhere. Most incredible part of that story: he believed her. Even though he denied the likeness, he believed it enough to say it on national television. ... Kate Gosselin needs to be kicked off this show, for one main reason, so Tony, her partner, can be released from the obvious hell he is trapped within.

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