Tuesday, April 20

Free Tony? Tony is FREE!!

And sometimes, the ballroom gods give you exactly what you want most. I've never watched an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and I'm glad I haven't. From the minimal and, I'm sure, intentionally unflattering editing of Kate Gosselin, I get the impression that she's quite a bitch. With each contestant though, the show's producers always manage to find one or two redeeming moments of film to make that person seem decent, funny or likable. I gathered from the utter lack of funny, decent or likable moments in Gosselin's footage that she simply didn't have any. This makes for bad television. While I know a bunch of Gosselin's fans are disappointed that she was ejected tonight from Dancing with the Stars, I suggest that those fans follow Gosselin back to reality television, and leave the ballroom competition to the dancers. (WOW! That sounded PRETENTIOUS!!) All the same, now we can get to the business of dance competition.
ALSO: Tonight's episode of Glee was perhaps one of the best hours of musical television ever. I don't think I've actually loved a television show this much since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and that's saying something. A complete hour dedicated to Madonna though? Pure and total brilliance. The bad part? I missed the last five minutes of the show, because it didn't start until five minutes late due to that ridiculous American Idol show. And in missing that last few minutes, I missed an incredible cast-led rendition of "Like a Prayer." This will be rectified tomorrow morning.
IN ADDITION: I had my first workout with my trainer, Dan, this morning. He kicked my butt by punishing my shoulders, chest and triceps. And by mid-afternoon, my arms were getting heavy, and my shoulders were getting a little achy. I look forward to my pain tomorrow. Jeez, I say stuff like that, and mean it. I must really be motivated! :)
AS WELL: I just noticed that it's midnight, and even though I am frickin' tired and ready for bed, I stopped on Cinemax's showing of the fabulously bad Johnny Dangerously. "Did you know your last name is an adverb?"

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