Tuesday, April 6

Enjoy the holiday silence

I think my faith in cheesy reality dancing competition viewers has been restored, the littlest bit, by Buzz Aldrin being given the proverbial (moon) boot tonight on Dancing with the Stars. Honestly, I think the viewing public is fascinated with Kate Gosselin, as they would be a literal train wreck on the dance floor. And that can be the only reason why she is still on this show.

It's getting warmer out here. Our esteemed meteorologists contend that we may see a 90-degree day here pretty soon. And you know what comes after that? Yes, a six-month-long string of frickin' hot days in the desert. You remember when I was so cold a month or so ago? You remember I said, don't mention I was bitching about the cold when I start bitching about the heat? Well, I'm not bitching about the heat ... yet ... All I'm doing is bemoaning the end of the season of actual weather, and lamenting over the upcoming HOT season. Once it gets hot, cool off you'll not! (Random and ridiculous. I forgive you for rolling your eyes when you read that.)
One of my favorite things in life, crazy as it may sound, is taking down and putting away the Easter decorations. It's a treat to see what my house looks like when it's unadorned for any holiday. No more ghosts, goblins and witches; turkeys and pilgrims; Santas, snowmen and candy canes; hearts and angels; shamrocks and leprechauns; and bunnies, eggs and baskets. Now, it's just as it is, which in itself, is something to celebrate.

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