Thursday, April 1

Don't make a Peep

I'm not entirely sure why it took me a good portion of my life before I tried, and consequently fell in love with, Peeps. I think maybe it was college, when I first bit into one. And LOVED it. They're a crutch now, and I happily look forward to Sunday when I introduce my own daughter to the delicious, and very wrong, sugary confection. Here, a tribute, of sorts, to Peeps.
Peeps Fun Facts: 1.) The amount of Peeps eaten each Easter could circle the Earth, and then some. 2.) Peeps have been the best-selling non-chocolate Easter candy for the last decade. 3.) It took 27 hours to make a Peep in the 1950s, now, it takes six minutes. 4.) Peeps come in six colors: yellow (the most popular), pink, lavender, blue, orange and green. 5.) Daddy likes his frozen.
Peeps History: Created in 1953; made by a machine in 1954; other holiday shapes are marketed in the 1960s; demand for Peeps reaches a feverish pitch in the 1980s; lavender Peeps are born in 1995; blue is first sold in 1998; Peeps celebrate 50 years of marshmallow goodness in 2003; in 2005-2006, Peeps can be found inside a chocolate egg; and in 2010, they were tested by Sydney.
Peeps Factory Tour: Peeps are created in six steps: whipping, coloring, depositing, sprinkling, decorating, and finally, packaging. I would like to see this in person. I think it would be both fascinatingly cool, and kinda gross and off-putting.
I'll have you know that I have yet to consume a single Peep so far this Easter season. (I can't say the same for chocolate bunnies, of course.) This will not be the case on Sunday, when I will start and finish the annual Binging on the Peeps event.

Also, here's my April avatar. April showers, yes?

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