Sunday, April 11

The circle of "Life"

I enjoy watching nature documentaries on television. Lately, Brian and I have been huge fans of the series, Life, on Discovery Channel. Honestly, I find it fascinating, amazing, and just ridiculously cool that so many animals have adapted in so many ways, from the beginning of their development to now, in response to man's affect on their environment. While I always am impressed with how an animal gets its food, I don't like the visuals of the food that makes noise when it's killed.
Today, we introduced Sydney to Life. Unfortunately, the episode that was shown today was subtitled, "Hunters & Hunted." And she was totally into it when the bugs were being eaten. But then, she's all, "What's that whale and seal doing?" We say, "They're swimming together." "But what's the whale doing to it?" "Hey, why don't you go check to see if there's any letters in your playhouse's mailbox?"
And so the conversation was repeated during the cheetah/ostrich, lion/zebra, ferret/rabbit, and bear/fish segments. Perhaps it was not the best program choice, but she seemed to roll with it pretty well. I think there are only about four or five segments of Life left. If you have the time or interest, I highly recommend it!!

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