Monday, February 1

We will be together soon, my darlings

I hate it when the entire household is sick in some way. The only totally healthy (for now) beings in my home are myself and Daisy. Brian came home from Boston with a cold and sketchy voice. Sydney's runny nose has compounded into a full-scale cold, with the added nastiness of a cough. And Oliver has what appears to be an ear infection, but what may end up being something in his ear that shouldn't be in there. So tomorrow, Sydney stays home from school, and we both take Ollie to the vet.
This morning, I bulked up on the Airborne. This is a tactic that I consider to be like shenanigans, but one that I also subscribe to religiously when I don't want to get sick. Sadly, it almost never fends off an actual cold, nor does it make the affliction last any fewer days. All in all, my conviction to Airborne is rock solid, though not entirely unclouded.
Twice a day I'll commit myself to its shady science though, until I too catch what Brian and Sydney are throwing around. Then, I'll just be miserable. And dependent on NyQuil and DayQuil. Gotta love the guys at Vick's. Now, that's some doctoring I can count on!

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