Tuesday, February 16

Ugh ... insults, real and perceived

We all have particular politicians that just bug us, no matter what happens to be coming out of their mouths. Mine used to be George W. Bush. My skin crawled every time I heard his voice in passing, and I changed the television channel every time I saw his face. With Obama in the White House, I thought, "Cool, now I won't have to avoid all political news, just any peripheral Fox News coverage."
But let me tell you, the resurgence of Sarah Palin as a (pseudo-) legitimate political figure is irritating the shit out of me. Today, she took to her Facebook page to, once again, complain about how some media outlet/program/elitist has allegedly picked on her or a member of her family. The cartoon show Family Guy on Sunday featured a new girl in Chris' life. She had Down Syndrome, and a mother who was a former governor of Alaska. (Palin's youngest son, Trig, has Down Syndrome.) Here's the thing: the cartoon character girl was treated no different than any other character on the program; held all the power in the relationship; and even dumped Chris by the end of the show.
Palin, of course, took this character as a personal slight, and she and her eldest daughter, Bristol, bitched a storm about it. So much so that the issue was the lead story on the Yahoo! homepage this evening. Apparently, she and Bristol are all about how people need to get along and quit being insensitive to each other.
Here's an idea: Rather than insisting that the world develop a conscience over a cartoon show that, let's face it, insults everyone it possibly can during the 22 minutes it's on the air every week, perhaps she should just develop her own sense of humor and take all this with a grain of salt. No one likes a whiner.

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