Thursday, February 25

Tonight, Chuck E. haunts me

Nicole and I decided that, since we couldn't get the girls together for a morning visit this week, we would make an early trip out to the local Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant late this afternoon. We thought that a meeting time of 4:30 or so, on a random Thursday, would be okay.
Um, holy crap were we wrong! Some middle school in Phoenix was hosting its fundraising night at that particular Chuck's, and we unknowingly stepped right into the thick of it when we arrived.
Let's bullet point this one for you:
~ A woman verbally accosted us as we entered, asking if we were there for the fundraiser. "No." "Here, take a sticker. You get 10 free tokens, and the school gets a portion of your order proceeds." She yelled, because the interior decibel level was deafening.
~ A very large family took in excess of 10 minutes to make its pizza and soda order, and then the card was denied.
~ The place itself was bursting with -- chockablock full of -- tweens, going this way and that, near and far, hither and yon. They yelled, they smelled, and they ran around. They edged in line. I don't like that.
~ Usually, when we go during the week (a luxury, I realize, more so now than ever), there are about 10 other kids in the restaurant. Tonight, there were so many people in the building that I feared a sudden occurrence of claustrophobia.
~ Sydney fears the walking and talking Chuck E. Cheese.
~ The pizza though, went down very well. As much as we hate to admit it, it usually does.
~ The place was what I believe the middle of a buzzy bee hive may be like. So much activity, so many bodies moving everywhere, each one with its own purpose. Soda and pizza seemed to fuel it.
~ Nicole and I could not get the kids out of there fast enough. In fact, it was our quickest visit ever, at only an hour. Nicole's text tonight: "I don't want to see a mouse for a long time." My reply: "I called my mom and apologized for making her take me there for dinner when I was little."

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