Wednesday, February 3

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Well, as of tonight, I have declared SHENANIGANS on Airborne. I've been hopped up on the stuff for three days now, and tonight, I officially feel like I've caught the cold. We shall call it The Family Cold. The Family Cold has settled into the back of my throat, where I can feel it festering, as well as into my nose, thereby causing the sneezing and the occasional runniness. This is pissing me off. Mainly, because with Sydney still coughing and running at the nose, I don't feel comfortable spending the night with my favorite sickness friend, NyQuil. Tomorrow, it will be worse. But at least during the day, I can take my DayQuil.
Also, I got another call on my resume yesterday, from a publishing company in town here looking for an editor. It's actually right up my alley, and exactly what I do. The guy who called tentatively scheduled my interview for Friday, but since he was traveling today, I wasn't able to solidify with him. He'll call me back tomorrow, I'm sure. Ack! The right job at the right time?
I hope Sydney is feeling well enough to go to school tomorrow. I would love the additional hours to sleep once I get back home after dropping her off. I can't decide if I would really do that, or just be awake and dick around the house for the time she's in school, but even fantasizing about sleeping for those hours is relaxing.

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