Friday, February 12

Olympics? YES! ... ... Job? Not so much

An e-mail? Really? No phone call?
Hi Kimberly,
It was a pleasure meeting you last week and we appreciate your interest in the position. We have selected a candidate to fill the position. Thank you for your time and we wish you success with your future endeavors.
Well, I guess that's that!

On to the next order of business:
Holy crap, my dearest peeps, the Winter Olympics started tonight!! Watching tonight's ceremonies, I realized that my favorite part of the opening ceremonies is the parade of athletes. To watch all these incredibly gifted athletes, so patriotic, enter the arena/stadium to such applause and pride is just great.
I do think that these ceremonies tend to run a little long though. I hope I'm not being irreverent or insensitive when I say that. Really, when the program starts off with the whole history of the host country, I get glassy eyed. Not for nothing is the knowledge that I would get like that if the program focused on the United States.
Also, these Olympics segments are completely and totally designed to bring a tear to the eye, and it bugs me. I hate that I'm on the verge of tears between each sporting event, because of some heart-rending story. I swear, I almost cried five or six times tonight just because of the news pieces explaining the warm relationship between the U.S. and Canada. And my god, how beautiful is the area up there? I think Vancouver may be one of my "not in the U.S." options now!

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