Monday, February 22

Ollie goes to the dentist tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, Ollie G. gets his teeth cleaned. It'll be the first time for a cleaning (I know, bad parents), and only the second time he's ever been put under general anesthesia, after his neutering six or seven years ago. These events stress me out. I worry so much about my boy, and just hate the thought of him sleeping at the vet's without me there to hold his little head, or rub his tummy, or scratch his ears as he wakes up. The basic issues involved with anesthesia freak me out enough, and I'm just that bit more unstable when it comes to Oliver, that I think I may just be a nerve-jangling emotional psycho all morning tomorrow. I have no idea how long the procedure takes either, so who knows how long I'll be sitting by the phone waiting for the call to go pick him up. He's not allowed to eat anything else tonight; I've picked up the food bowl off the floor. I was sure he had a full tummy before his fast though, by giving him half a can of the yummy (for him) wet food. I feel better about that, knowing he had a delicious dinner. Still, I'll be worried all morning tomorrow. And I'll probably cry as I drive out of the vet's parking lot. ... I'm such a worry wart.

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