Tuesday, February 2

L O S T returns!!

One of my most favorite television addictions returned to my house this evening. Yes, I speak of Lost, one of the coolest shows ever. Honestly. I was telling Brian that it will be cool, when we're old and just the two of us again, to watch Lost, season by season, one after another, all in consecutive order. Then, we'd be able to catch all the little things that I know we miss over the course of a seasonal break on the show. And we'll (hopefully) notice the other stuff that we should have noticed. Or the stuff that we think we noticed but got wrong.
At any rate, I am completely and utterly sucked into the show again, and I am so crazy eager for next Tuesday that my heart is skipping beats. I love, love, love knowing that answers are on the way, and that the show will come to a satisfyingly awesome conclusion in a matter of months. (Actually, that may prove to be a bummer as that day gets closer.)
Knowing how it all ends is a fantastic thing. I can't wait!!

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